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I'm 25 year old man and got married three months ago, my wife and I decided to wait to have sex til we got married, so we don't have much experience in the bedroom.

I wanted to ask you about giving my wife oral sex, I really enjoy doing it, but she never seems to get off from it, I go slowly and sometimes use my fingers to help. Have you got any advice on how to bring her to orgasm during oral sex? Also have you got general tips for pleasing your wife in bed?

Many thanks

You are pretty young and pretty newly married, and also new to sexual functioning, as is your wife.  You should expect that there will be a learning curve as you develop new sexual interests and learn to interact sexually together.  The most important thing is that you talk to your wife and find out what she likes and doesn't like.  

If your wife has a history of bringing herself to orgasm by masturbating, then you should find out how she touches herself and how you can best replicate what she does with your own hand, mouth, and penis.  If your wife doesn't masturbate and has never had an orgasm, then you should expect it will take longer to give her them than if she can already tell you how to help her reach orgasm.

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