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QUESTION: Hello Doctor,
         I am 34 years old Indian male. I have been married for 5 years.Lately whenever I try to have an intercourse,I have noticed that I have no sensation on penis after insertion,so I pretty much feel tensed and lose my erection and that again makes me worried for the next chance.I do have sensation when I masterbate so I do not know what could be the reason.Moreover wife is not much interested in sex anyway and there is not much of a foreplay either.For this she is already seeing a gynac.But that had not caused me this trouble earlier.I did have this issue 3-4 years back once in a while. I was prescribed arcalion tab from my doc.Is there any gel/cream to increase the sensitivity?

ANSWER: I would do without any tab/pill/creme until you have gotten your sensation back.  Are you using condoms at all?  Sometimes condoms inhibit sensitivity but sometimes they also enhance it.  Try different sizes of condoms (regular, small, large) and see how they feel on your penis during intercourse.  You might also experiment with different kinds of water-based lube.  To learn more, see  If the problem persists, see a doctor.

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QUESTION: Hello again,
         No I am not using condoms.Can you suggest anything available in this country?The doctor I mentioned prescribed KY jelly  year back.Will it help for getting back sensation?I did not use it much that time because issue was not persistent.

K-Y Jelly is kind of goopy and might reduce sensation more than some of the liquid products.  The liquids made by K-Y are very good.  You would probably like K-Y Liquid better than K-Y Jelly.  See here to learn more about lubes:  That is the same link I posted before.

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