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hi. i am a young boy of 19 and i like fucking. thats why me and my girlfriend do sex thrice a week. my girlfriend is quite horny and she likes to copy porn-stars and their sex postures. i tried to convince her that they are quite trained and its very dangerous to copy them but she didn't listen me. one day while having sex i put one of her legs on my shoulder and started penetrating. after a while she complained of pain around pelvic region and next day she told me of a minor cramp there. but she recovered within 2-3 days. now again she wants to have sex after 2 days and she has told me that she will sit on my top, bouncing on my penis. i have read that in this position there is a high risk of fracturing the penis. can you suggest me some other position in which i and she, both get pleasure without any injury?? plz help

If you don't want to have sex in a particular position, then don't.  Some positions are more likely to lead to injuries than others.  Only do what you feel comfortable with.  If your girlfriend won't accommodate you, then find someone else who will.  Most people can't enjoy sex when they're worried about getting hurt.

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