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Hi Doug,
I wanted to know what exactly frisky means. It's one of those words I hear once in a while but don't exactly know for sure. I looked it up and most sites say "playful, or energetic." I thought I saw somewhere that it also means "horny". I've heard frisky used in conversation in a sexual sense. So if someone is FEELING frisky, is it feeling horny? And if someone is BEING frisky, is that just sexually playful? And by sexually playful, is that just engaging in any type of sexual activity (penetrative all the way to simple groping or tickling), or does it mean sexual activity but with more of it or more energy? Sorry if this is complicated, but just a little confused.

Thank you very much for your time.

Frisky means energetic, or playful.  In the case of sexuality, it means a partner is up for more than ordinary in-and-out coitus before bed.  One of the partners feels like being adventuresome and perhaps experimental.  Of course, if it is said by an older person, it might mean they just feel like being sexual.

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