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to be blunt,  I need to take Viagra. that means planning ahead a couple hours. my fiancee and i first discussed planning to have sex with Viagra once a week and spontaneously without Viagra other times as well. i'm wanting it to be with Viagra EVERY time because often i struggle (i can get an erection) but too often it doesn't last long enough to stay erect the entire time.
Our problem is that she dislikes planning ahead because she feels pressured to be "in the mood" when the day comes. she suggested finding a way to make the planning ahead fun but we have NO ideas about how to do so. do you have any ideas or advice about how to do things differently?
thank you

You would probably be better off with Cialis.  It lasts a long time and doesn't have to be taken right before sex.  There is also a daily-use Cialis that is OK to take daily even if you aren't planning to have sex on a particular day.  It would be worth discussing these ideas with both your fiancee and your doctor.

You can also try pleasing her when you want to be spontaneous.  There is no rule that the man has to have an orgasm or even penetrate for sexual activity to be fun.

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