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I'm Pedro from Brazil. I'm 22 and planning to go to Greece alone on early May 2013. Only have about 12 days. Which cities/islands should I visit and how long should I stay? I prefer busy places with nightlife and beaches.


Ola Pedro, thankyou for the question,

Most Q's these days can be accessed via a google or someother search but this one, which calls for the direct knowledge of someone that has been there ... many times, and lived in Athens, I can answer .   

Start in Athens to get over jet lag.  Stay there for 2-nites, 3 at most.  Stay in the   "downtown" area called the PLAKA.  From here you can visit most of the sites,
all on foot, and have a great time hanging out in local communities like PSIRI, FLEA MARKET,
Monastiraki, Syndagma, Acropolis.  

Get a PASS for under 3-euro that allows you access to
the Metro, Trams and city buses for 72-hours.  With it you can go out to the beaches in Glyfada
and when you leave Athens, take the Metro down to Piraeus (port city) and depart for one or 2 of the islands.

Which Islands ???  MYKONOS, PAROS, IOS (these islands are all ... " busy places with nitelife & beaches" ...  Start eith  Paros or Mykonos and when you get bored, get back on the ferry and go to the others.

The ferrys leave thruout the day in the summer time (Mid April thru September).
I suggest however that you take the EARLY ferry, around 0800, from Piraeus.

The Metro will take you from Plaka to Piraeus in 30-minutes.  Get off at last stop.
Kiosks, near to the Piraeus Metro will be selling tickets.  Get there one hour ahead of
departure, buy the least expensive ticket, and get on-board.  It is open seating and
no advance reservation is necessary.  If you have a student ID Card, bring it for a discount.

Example of a typical price ... MYKONOS, 6-hours, between 25 & 30 euro.  IF you screw up and buy a ticket on the "FAST" catamaran type ferry, also known as FLYING DOLPHIN you will pay double that, and all you will save is 2 hours travel time. Lots of travelers use these ferrys so both types are popular.

If you have any time left of your vacation after taking in these islands (which I doubt),
Return to Athens and perhaps catch a TRAIN from near the Plaka to CORINTH.  If you have three
days left take the BUS or TRAIN to METEORA (Kalambaca/Trikala are the villages at its base).

If you need anything further info ... I am always here ...

Good luck Mi Amico, I envy you ... have a wonderful trip.

Calo taxiedi


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