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Good afternoon, Emilios.
I`d like to plan my trip in advance and have got a couple of questions about it:
1. I`d like to get to Meteora from Thessaloniki as early as possible, that`s why the first bus at 8.30 is too late option for me. I found a train with a transfer in Palaiofarsalos at 5.13 a.m. but the problem is that transfer time looks a bit short - just 6 minutes. Is that enough time to get off the first train, to find a platform for the next one, to get on? I guess that should be a small station with a couple of platforms, shouldn`t it? The next train from Palaiofarsalos to Kalambaka is after six hours and I can`t spend them on a railway platform))). So maybe this option is too risky? Is there any chance that the first train from Thessalonik can be late? Are there any buses from Palaiofarsalos to Trikala/Kalambaka?
2. From Kalambaka I`d like to go to Peloponnes. The main goal is Napflion and maybe Korinth, then from Peloponnes to Lutraki and Athens. What is the best option to make this route?

Thank`s in advance,

Hello Natalia,

I like the persons that are thinking and planning ahead.

To be honest I think that 6 minutes is a short period to be sure.  
But you are going to get a ticket to Kalabaka from the train station in Thessaloniki. This means that the second train (Paleofarsalos to Kalabaka) will wait for the first train (Thessaloniki to Paleofarsalos), to come and then to begin its journey. Even if the first train delays, then the second train will not leave the station.  
That means that you have 6 minutes to get off one train and get on to the next one. If this is the case then 6 minutes are plenty.

You seem to have a very strict travel program, in your place I would choose to travel by train.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas


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