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Hi! I have tried to get information about ferry lines from Athens (Piraeus) to Izmir (Cesme) but every site is so very confusing. In addition the information on every site is quite old since the writings are something like three years old.

I'm planning a trip to Athens and after a week or so we are supposed to go to Izmir. This site: says that —Piraeus-Chios-Çeşme is viable ferry line but many other site says else.

So, what is the best and cheapest way to get from Athens to Izmir with ferry? How much this would cost and how tricky the whole ferry transportation truly is? Or is it cheaper/easier just to take a flight some way?


Hello Bob.

Happy New Year…

Yes it is true, travelling by boat in Greece sometimes it gets confusing. But the situation is steadily improving.

In order to go to Cesme in Turkey you need to go to Chios first and then take another ferry to Cesme.

From Piraeus there are two companies that make the route Piraeus – Chios.

Hellenic Seaways :
Nel lines :

The cost per person varies from 30€ to 40€ depending the seat the time the type of ferry etc.

From Chios there are three companies that make the route Chios – Cesme

Erturk Lines

The cost ia about 25€ to 30€ per person.

For more information about routes in ship lines you can go to

To be honest I think that the best solution is to travel by boat instead of flying since it is rear to find a low cost direct flight from Athens to Ismir.

Good luck and welcome to my country.  


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