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Greece/Ferry question (Athens-Izmir)


Hi! I have tried to get information about ferry lines from Athens (Piraeus) to Izmir (Cesme) but every site is so very confusing. In addition the information on every site is quite old since the writings are something like three years old.

I'm planning a trip to Athens and after a week or so we are supposed to go to Izmir. This site: says that —Piraeus-Chios-Çeşme is viable ferry line but many other site says the opposite.

So, what is the best and cheapest way to get from Athens to Izmir with ferry? How much this would cost and how tricky the whole ferry transportation truly is? Or is it cheaper/easier just to take a flight some way?



Best way (for ferry routes are currently open to question in cash-strapped Greece as some receive a subsidy from the Greek government which cannot afford to pay the subsidies...!) is to look at and search for routes between the various pots.

Also has much route information but you can also send them a question about thetrip to attention Mrs. Ada

But, and it is a big but! In most previous years many of the schedules and routes, the assignment of routes by the Greek goverment to each ferry company does not happen until well into the year (some routes' saqiling schedules starting in May for example may only be known for example, in late March!). So you may have to wait until closer to your travel dates (which I do not know) to get viable sailing schedules.

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