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QUESTION: Hello Denny,

My GF and I are planning to go to Greece this year. Could you advise us when is the best time and places to go for party. Our plan is to stay there for 10 days and considering to stay 5 days in Greece and 5 days in Croatia but still not sure because we donít know if we will really have time to visit the main Greek party Greek islands in 5 days. We are coming from Australia. So our plan is to flight to Rome and fro Rome to Greece. We want to stay in a non-very expensive places. We are deciding when is the best time to go late July or Mid-August.

Thank u in advance

ANSWER: Yiasou Ibari,

Be it July or August it is basically the same.  Crowded and HOT and nothing is inexpensive and most lodging is booked.

If I must make a choice I would say come as late in year as you can ...
Since you are allowing iust 5 days, when you get to the airport near Athens,
take the Bus from airport to PIRAEUS (the port) and catch the next available ferry
to MYKONOS (about 30 euro) . 6-hour ferry ride.  

Since you are  coming such a long way and you have several months to plan just do an
on-line search for Hotels/Pensions on the island and get one for 3-nites. It is the island
that is the most fun ... it is a 24/7 party atmosphere.

Walk through the town and take a bus to Paradise Beach .  Daytime is beach time and
evening is for party on the beach or in town.

Then catch a ferry and return to Piraeus and enjoy the sites of Athens until it is time for
your plane to leave to Croatia.

You almost have to reserve a room in advance at that time of year.  If not you will spend too
much time trying to find one that will cost just as much as the one you could have reserved.
= or =  Without reservations you better not bring much baggage because you will difficulty storing it anywhere. There are some places that you can; just ask people.
If you do find a place to store baggage then have fun all nite in town or at the beach, and then go onto the beach in the morning and sleep on the beach most of the day OR try to rent a TENT at Paradise Beach Camping.   =There is always a bus going to Paradise Beach=

Cheap rooms in summer will be at 40-50 euro a nite.  TENT at beach will be about 15-euro a nite.

Good luck
Calo taxiedi

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Denny, thank u for the quick reply. My GF and i will be in Greece 8 days. out plan is to go to athens, Mykonos, santorini. We want to stay in a hotel or backpackers. Still deciding if we should stay in Greece the 12 days or if we should go to Croatia. We have never been there so we dont know what places to visit in 12 days in Greece. if you could let me know what place si definitely should see.. will be appreciated. xxx thank u very much.. looking forward to go to your country.

Yiasou Ibari,  = Follow up =

First here is a web site to go to for all kinds of info on Greece in general and ATHENS in particular.   
         = =

such things as ferry, bus & train schedules, the Airport, taxis and a wealth of other items.

Cut down on your Athens expenses ... get a 24 or 72 hour pass that you can use on all metros,
trams and most buses in Athens and its suburbs.  Cost a couple euro at last check and you can pick them up at the airport info desk or in Athens at the bigger metro stations like SYNDAGMA or OMONIA .   

I think for 8 days, those places [Mykonos, Santorini, Athens] are 3 of the best and most popular spots to go to.

SANTORINI is awesome, great for couples and has some wonderful sites to go to like the Cauldera, the Archiological dig at Akrotiri and Old thera on the far side of the island,
visiting the black pebble beaches, walking along the cliff side from FIRA toward IO, catching the sunset from IO hillside with hundreds of others.  This island is a photographers dream.
The Clubs tend to be expensive and will give you a drink with your 20-euro entry.
= You should really reserve a room well in advance if you are coming to this island in the summer time ... Prices always seem to be going higher each year so I have given up keeping up with them.  PENSIONS should be 40 to 60 euro a nite for 2.   There is a campsite that is located about 300-metres from the central Plateia in FIRA. Just walk up the main road toward IO.   It will certainly save you Euros if you can rent a tent there. Probably 20-euro for 2, cheaper If you bring your own tent or sleep on the ground in a bag under the stars.

MYKONOS: You'll find the same prices on Mykonos for Pensiones and campsites (there are 2).  The lesser priced one is Mykonos camping, it is on a flat plateau overlooking the sea. The one that is the funnest is Paradise Beach Camping (at Paradise Beach).  If you can get a tent or bring one here it is the party place.  Again, you will probably pay about 20-euro a nite for 2. It has everything, so if you forget something you can buy it at the store/Taverna/office/disco combine.  The town and the entire island have Pensions and hotels, ranging from 40-euro a nite all the way up to a couple 100.  There are some "Rooms-to-Let" in town.  To get these in middle of summer will be quite a task.  IF you come to Mykonos in summer with NO Reservation you will want to lug your bags into town (1/4 mile walk) and deposit them at one of the offices that offer a bag storage place (euro a bag usually).  Then you can walk the streets of the town (not a terribly large area).  Start along the waterfront and walk inward.  Then ask somwone when you see a sign, just what is offered.  Probably they will tell you. "Nothing tonite but a room is available in morning" (this is because there are always people leaving everyday for other islands or back to Athens}.  The town is a great place to stay and it is just a short bus trip from a beach.  As is the case on most beaches in Greece of anywhere, the cheesy lounging chairs with little palm trees or worse are everywhere For your comfort and shelter from the sun so they say. and for that you will be charged about 5-euro a day or part of it to use. There is some beach or rocks near the beach where you can still spread a blanket, but those places are becoming scarce.  

On Santorini you 'may' want to rent a bike or car to get around.  Mykonos it is not necessary, as it is also not necessary in Athens.

Mykonos and Santorini are in the same general direction...the big CAR-ferrys still make the voyage daily and nightly too.  You can get to the PORT (PIRAEUS) direct from the airport by shuttle bus (4 euro?)in about 45-minutes.  then you can hang out until morning and catch the ferry to Mykonos (25-30 euro) a 6-hour trip.  A different Ferry will be leaving for Santorini
for about 35-euro and take about 9 hours.  There IS ferry service between the two islands.
The fast ferry called FLYING DOLPHIN goes once a day, in the early afternoon. a 2 1/2 hour trip that costs about 40-euro and requires a reservation (they do not have the capacity of the car ferry).  In the summer it is sometime difficult to get on the DOLPHIN so you should make your reservation ASAP when you know the exact day you wish to travel.  There are some other routes that can be used IF you get shutout on the reservation.  There are CAR-ferrys that go in both directions via the island of PAROS.  (6-hour trip for about the same price perhaps a little cheaper).  Should also be mentioned here that you do NOT get reservations for the CAR-ferrys.  You go to whereever the ferry departs from, go to the kiosk that sells the tickets, buy your ticker, ask where the ferry is and walk in that direction.  Best to get there an hour or so before it leaves so you can get your choice of place on board.   SANTORINI often leaves in the afternoon or evening.  What I used to do is check out of my lodging in Athens, take the nite ferry and save the price of another nite in Athens or Santorini.  Sleep on board under the stars.  (that is what the backpackers do)

I would not say don't go to CROATIA as I hear it is a wonderful place. Dobrovnic being the place with some of the best beaches.  Also believe it would be somewhat less costly then Greece.   It is very popular in the summertime.  

There are search engines and web sites for almost anywhere in the world you want to go to.
Which is making it harder and harder for the travel agencys.  In ATHENS you will want to stay in the center of town, near the Acropolis.  Places with names like Monastiraki, Plaka, Syndagma.  Where is located the Flea Market.  From a pension (there are 100's) in this area you can walk to almost anywhere you wish to go and see.  If you want to go out to the beaches of Athens you will have to take the TRAM out to GLYFADA, unless the METRO to Glyfada is now completed all the way out there.  If you do go there try the OTE Beaches (cost a little but offer far more and are far cleaner then the free beaches) ... there are two ... Bari and VOULA.

Well this is about a book so I will close .  It is a long road to Croatia from Athens so I hope you will be flying.  If not ... don't go, stay in Greece and use the time to travel to
METEORA (Trikala/Kalmbaka northern area).  about a 5-hour bus or train trip.

Calo taxiedi


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