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Greece/What is the cheapest way to Athens from Santorini?



I am planning to go Santorini and Athens in July 2013, I have been searching the cheapest way to Athens from Santorini.
All the information i have got suggest that Ferry is the cheapest way, its 37.50 euro (blue star - 7 hours)for one person. I found some of the posts from the internet says that its possible to buy this ticket cheaper, and someone had bought the ticket for only 10 euro (maybe years ago). I will be really appreciated if anyone can tell how and where I can buy a cheaper ticket!!



Check for all ferry tickets that might be available on ferries at
But also look at the website/send a request for pricing to who deal with tickets for all ferry routes.

For this day and age (!) 37.50 is not bad. I think 10 Euros is a price from the past.

For your own satisfaction you could also look at two split tickets - though I do not think this will be cheaper....for example sail to one island (pick any sizeable one with frequent ferries, in the direction of Santorini) then anothe ferry to Santorini, if you have the time, patience and stamina. Of course if you end up needing to stay somewhere. eat somewhere, overnight, this does add to your costs.

Best I can do without spendig one to 2 hours researching every last nook and cranny to male sure - can't do that right now...I leave it to you.

Happy Travels,


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