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I want to go to Crete at the end of May and I am considering booking the ferry spaces for all of us (6 people) and a car.
First, can you tell me please, if the Air seats means that you will stay up on the deck, in open air? I see that this is the cheapest seat I think. The other ones, even a shared cabin is around 78 euro or someting per person.

The other one: is only a ferry transportation from Pireas to Chania per day or are more?

And the third one: at the end of may, it is ok to go to Crete? The wheater is fine? I mean, I can take a swim in the water or it is too cold (the air and the wheater).


ANSWER: Andrei,

You have a treat to come!

Air Seats are inside, and what they mean is that they are like "Airplane type seats". These are the cheapest reserved seats. Unless you are travelling around the 3-6 May which is the Greek Easter period, there will normally be plenty of seats available and you might even find cabins still available if you decide you want to pay more for one when you get on the ferry.

Cabins are fun, but yes, the cost is high when you are looking at several people.

Generally there is only one ferry a day to Chania - ANEK lines. But in some years Blue Star Ferries have also served Chania (also from Pireas) on a different schedule.

You can search for ferries on - where it says "Ferry schedules within Greece" - sometimes a company adds a service later in the year (even for MAY).
At the moment ANEK lines shows as the only company serving the route in May.

MAY is a good month in Crete. It is not 100% guaranteed good weather, the sea is usually a little warm - but not as warm as the end of August or early Septemeber, of course.
You normally get good sunny weahther, but there can be a few days of cloud or even rain. In most years it does not rain for several days generally good. But do not be dissapointed if it happens this year that it rains for 2 days. Anyway weather has been less "normal", and as a result less predictable in Crete just as anywhere else in the world, over the last 10 -15 years!

To get a "sense" of what the weather tend to be read - it may help.

Hope this is useful. have a good trip.
Happy travels,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I need some other information please. I am passionate about fishing so I need to know a little bit about it.
It is possible to fish in that area where we will stay? Chania.
If yes, the fishing is allowed for free or he should pay a tax for it considering that he will fish from the shore?
Is any period when the fishing is forbiden or is OK at the end of May?
That area is good for fishing or you recommend us another area?
What types of fish can be caught there, fishing from the shore?
Which bait and which types of rig can be used for fishing there if you know.
Beside the sea, is there by chance another place, inside the insland and close to Chania where we can fish? I am talking about a lake or something with freshwater (sweet water)?  



I know nothing about fishing!  
But I am answering so that I can be of as much help as possible!

What I do know.

Fishing in the sea or from the shore does not need a permit for you as an individual - to the best of my knwoledge.

There is one "lake" in Crete and Chania is not far. Lake Kournas. It is a 20 minute drive away from Chania.

I cannot advise you about equipment though.

I would also suggest the 80-90 minute scenic bus ride (on twisting mountain road) from Chania to Sfakia. Because Sfakia is very small and several fisherman have boats based there, you may be able to go out on a boat with one of them - unofficially - to see how they fish! Perhaps that would be of interest. Just go and ask nicely!

So as I said...I want to help, but that is the little I offer you.

Good fishing,
Happy Travels,


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