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QUESTION: Hi Denny, I hope you can help me with some advice.

My partner and I will be travelling by inter-rail in May and we will be starting in Athens.  We want to spend one night on Corfu island before boarding a ferry from Igoumenitsa - Italy.  Our original plan was to travel to Patras by train and get a ferry from there to Igoumenitsa but we have not been able to find out that there is a ferry serving this route.  We have contacted Superfast ferries already - having thought that they did.

We understand that it will probably take the guts of a day to get to Igoumenitsa so we are willing to stay there for one night before visiting Corfu island.  We would prefer to use our interrail tickets on to save us the cost of travelling to Igoumenitsa as the bus from Athens appears to be very expensive...

Is there a bus we can get from any of the Greece train stations connected to Athens?

the Ferry
the Ferry  
ANSWER: Yiasou Dierdre, Thankyou for the question,

If you are doing inter-rail and starting at Athens ... How are you getting to Athens ?
Very likely you will be flying into Athens.

The airport has both train and bus transport out of there.

If you wanted to you could take the Peleponesse train from the airport to PATRAS in about 4-hours.  Then you would have to either FERRY up to CORFU (7 hours?), --- or ---
BUS from PATRAS to IGOMENITSA via IOANNINA which would also take about 7 hours as you would
lose some time changing buses at IOANNINA.

The other way would be to take the shuttle bus out of the airport to the TERMIBAL "B"
bus station.  From Terminal "B" you could catch a bus to either or both CORFU and/or
IGOUMENITSA ... 9-hours , 44.5 Euro .  [includes the cost of the ferry]   
KTEL-BUS leaves Athens at 0700-1000-and 2000 hours.  (overnite is a good one as you can
sleep all the way).

Igoumenitsa has a couple other buses just going there and then you must get your own Ferry
tickets, which in MAY will probably be no problem but will cost you 5 Euro more.

To help you look into it yourselves ... go to the following sites ... ... then scroll until you find a section that suits you. or simply google KTEL-PATRA Gr  ... it will show you what is available out of
Patra going to Igoumenitsa.

Hope this helps
Have a great trip
Calo taxiedi

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for all the alternative ways of getting there.  That will help us a lot.  Perhaps we might opt for the overnight bus as it is a long journey.

If instead, we were to choose to transfer in Ionnina I wonder are there buses from either Kalambáka / Trikala to Ionnina and where would I find their schedules?

Ionnina looks like a nice place to break the journey in half to get something to eat.

How long would the bus to Ionnina take & how low long is the bus from Ionnina to Igoumenitsa?

Thanks for all the help

Grand Meteora
Grand Meteora  
Yiasou again Deirdre,  = follow up  =  OOOOPS spelling error ... its !!!
sorrrrrry !   KTEL has again redone their site ... making it even more difficult trying for simplicity ...  price update as well ... check out Thesselonika to TRIKALA by bus ... TOA's for TRIKALA ... all those routes continue on to Ioannina and Igoumenitsa ... PRICE shows 40-euro to Igoumenitsa from Thessalonika ... from TRIKALA to Igou, the price will be roughly 23-euro.

IF Patras is just going to be used to get to a ferry or bus then DON'T go there.
IF you
want to go to METEORA ... Take the Train or bus from the airport (Athens), to the LARISSA
station in downtown Athens, and then take the train to KALAMBAKA (the base of Meteora).
Then stay the nite there, visit the sites the next day and at 2pm latest, return to Kalambaka. Get the bus to TRIKALA (20-min trip) and then catch the bus from TRIKALA to
IOANNINA (2 1/2 hours) and then continue on to IGOUMENITSA (2-hours).  That will put you into Igoumenitsa in time to catch the ferry over to corfu.  Igoumenitsa has 5-ferrys every 24-hours
to Corfu (Kerkira).  

The train should save you EUROs as you will have the 'rail-pass' .  However, IF the train schedule out of Athens does not meet with your schedule you can go to the site I gave you and see the BUS schedule to TRIKALA ... They run a long more often then the train.  However Price is about 27-euro.

For prices on Pensiones in Kalambaka go to the place I recommend ... (Yianni is the manager/owner and he will pick you up in Kalambaka if he knows when you are arriving).
I believe that site will also display a lot of other possibilities for pensiones in the area.

No train from TRIKALA to Ioannina or Igoumenitsa so you have to bus it ... the schedule is available at this site: ... then go to the "MAP" of the routes and 'poke'the places along your route... IE: TRIKALA/IGOUMENITSA or jusr Thessalonika/IOANNINA.
 =  the bus you will be taking will originate in thessalonika.  It should show route in both directions , TOD , duration and price ... but it can be a little tricky ...

If you have further questions ... drop me a line at ..

good luck
D E N N Y  


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