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Greece/Kalambaka to Delphi


Understand that you have answered this question in this thread

Does the info still stand as of now? About Kalambaka to Lamia, find the correct bus station, then Lamia to Delphi?

I am visiting in May 2013.


Yiasou Chia, thankyou for the question,

Kalambaka has a bus that goes to TRIKALA a couple times an hour all day for a euro.
From TRIKALA there is the KTEL BUS that goes to LAMIA ... here is the schedule:

---- 0700 (except sundays) ... then ... 0830, 1000, 1130, 1530, and 1830 ...

The bus to DELPHI departs LAMIA at the following times:

---- 1040, 1245 and 1900 ----

I do not believe that the stop is listed on the LAMIA board as DELPHI as the BUS stops outside the village of DELPHI at the neighboring village of AMPHISSA.  Then you can either walk the
kilometre or so into Delphi or take a shuttle or taxi.  About the only busses that enter Delphi are Charters.  

The trip is roughly five hours ... 2 1/2 to Lamia and 2 and change on to Amphissa.
Expect to pay about 20-euro.

I hope that this will help you.

Calo Taxiedi

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