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Greece/Bus between Thesaloniki and Vourvourou


I read an answer which was really good, but it was Three years old. I would like to know also what time the bus for Vourvourou leaves from Halkidiki terminal on a day in the middle of the week in may?

Yiasou Monica, Efaistoe for the question,

Info is pretty much the same as it was 3-years ago ... but if you have SKYPE or someother inexpensive phone system you can check it out ... I tried but then realized ... it is after midnite there and no one manning the phones.

The number  in Greece is (Chalkidiki station) 23103 16575. then follow the cue.

The bus does an island loop 4-times a day ...  it stops in VOURVOUROU at 1130, 1445, 1845, and 2100.   Cost is roughly 12 euro and the trip to Chalkidiki station on the southern edge of Thessalonika takes about 2 and one-hald hours.  From that station to get into downtown Thessalonika will take another 90-minutes by city bus #31, transferring to #36 and dropping you on  'Egnatia' near the main train and bus stations.

It is quite an ordeal when it is hot ... so have plenty of time for this if going all the way into town.

Calo Taxiedi Monica
Hope it works out cause the Sithonia Peninsula is truly beautiful.


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