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Greece/ferry between corfu and patras


Hello, my husband and I are planning to travel to Kalamata in the beginning of september. We usually get the plane to Athens and then the bus to Kalamata. But this time I was thinking of getting a plane to Corfu,staying 1 or 2 days on this island, and then getting a ferry to Patras and then the bus (or train?) to Kalamata.So my questions are: at what time does the ferry leave from Corfu and from Patras, how long does it take and how much does it cost? We would travel the same way back again. I'm looking forward to your answer. Thank you very much, Elisabeth

Yiasou Elisabeth, = follow up =  =ANOTHER FOLLOW UP=

Sorry for the continued updates ... do have a bit more information for you :
The prices I mentioned are still pretty close to what you can expect to pay.
between 35-40 euro.
The ships (except when the weather is inclement) run EVERY day year round as I thought.

FERRY called "SUPERFAST"  Leaves from BARI stops at CORFU ... Onto Igoumenitsa and then
to PATRA.  

TIMES: CORFU: 0500 (fm Bari) ... Igoumenitsa 0630 ... PATRAS: 1230.  
(allowing you time to catch either the bus or train to KALAMATA.)


FERRY leaves PATRAS at 1800 (boards at 1700),  arrives IGOUMENITSA at MIDNITE,
then arrives CORFU at 0130.  From here it continues on to Bari.

On SUNDAY the times out of CORFU change:  leaves 2200 (boards 2100) arrives PATRAS
at 0700.

===these ships are running now ... ANEK does not have a schedule out yet but if they are
going to service PATRA/Igoumenitsa/Corfu/and Brindisi or Bari it will be out the end of May===

You can go on-line and reserve a ticket but you do not need to unless you want a cabin.
Cabin for two people is very expensive ... circa 100 euro.
and reserving via internet does not look all that easy or secure.  But some say it works.
(I would advise go there...get settled...then go to the port ticketing kiosk...and purchase your ticket perhaps 24-hours in advance.

Hope that this will help you ...

Denny followup #3

I've been having trouble raising anyone via the telephone because the port doesn't
have any reliable phone service and I have to call the nearby travel / ticketing KIOSKs
to get any current information.

Since it is September before you are going I will try again and again and if I get through
and the info I give you now greatly differs from the 2013 version I will get back to you.

CORFU = PATRAS = CORFU  FERRYS leave on M - W - Th - Sat in the evenings.  
CORFU FERRY boards around 0300 leaves about 0500 and pulls into PATRAS about NOON.
Cost is 40 euro.

PATRA to CORFU begins early boarding around 2130-2200 and leaves at Midnight. Same days and
will get into CORFU around 0800.  Cost is slightly less by about 3-Euro.

Tickets should be purchased about a day in advance during the hight season (September is
not quite Hi-season but close)

The BUS to KALAMATA operates out of the central station, walking distance from the port.
Leaves for Kalamata at 0800 and 1430.  Cost is about 20-euro.

TRAIN is alot less and more opportunities ... leaving Patras to the 5-hour trip to KALAMATA
at 0600, 1330, 2144, and 0230.  Cost is about 10-euro. (use to be cash only).

Likewise on the return trip to Patras the train offers more trips, time is about the same unless construction along the tracks (mountains you know) halts travel altogether.  This tends to happen more with the trains then the buses.

Phone you can call for ticket info in PATRAS FERRY service is:   26103 41002.

Wait...might have a nibble on the phone ... more later ...

Calo Taxiedi

PS>>>>  just got off the phone with them ... first the 26103 41002 number sent me to ANEK
lines.  At ANEK they did not have the schedule as yet for the summer.  Told me "now you must go by car or bus"  riiiiight !   Did manage to eke out that the ferrys left Patra and Corfu
at the times I had written ... IE: the middle of the nite.  But would not illicit any info on what the prices would be or how many days aweek they go,  AND SAID TO CALL BACK THE END OF may!

That is 'CRAP' because I know that there are ferrys leaving there for Brindisi and Bari that stop-off at Corfu but they are apparently not ANEK lines.  Will keep checking.



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