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Greece/Corfu to Kalambaka


QUESTION: Hi Denny.  We will be visiting Meteora from Corfu on 8 June (Saturday).  Since we will stay at Kalambaka, would you please advise the best way using public transport to get to Kalambaka from Corfu?  Thank you. :)

p.s  If possible, pls give us the time/schedule of the public transport

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ANSWER: Yiasou Rita, = FOLLOW UP =


The Ferrys go from CORFU to IGUMENITSA every hour from 0730 to 1830 and 2030 and 2330.
Cost is about 10 euro , half off for students. Trip takes an hour.

* THEN ... from IGOUMENITSA you have to get to IOANNINA ... there are 8-buses per day.
2-hours ... 0700 thru 2000.  Buses times: 07/0830/10/12/1445/1745/2015  Cost is about 9-euro.
Sat/Sun: early bus is 0900 and the next one is at noon ... then same as weekdays

* From IOANNINA you take the BUS to TRIKALA (2 1/2 hours).  There are '2' a day.
They leave IOANNINA at 0830 and 1430.  You can get a ticket thru from Igoumenitsa.
Cost from Ioannina is about 14 euro. [April schedule showed a NOON bus ...But might have been

*  in addition thought I would pass along the IGOUMENITSA/THESSALONIKA schedule: 1300 & 1900.
4-hours ... can be used as backup as from Thessalonika the buses run more often to TRIKALA.
But this is a longer trip/costlier too ... only use as last resort.

So that means 22-euro from Igumenitsa and about
30 euro from CORFU to TRIKALA.  

From TRIKALA you would be wise to take the BUS that runs every 20-minutes to KALAMBAKA
which is the 'unofficial' BASE of METEORA.  Then get a room and have a great time in this
wonderful mountain village and then enjoy the METEORA site the following day.

BUSES leaves
from the "Fountain" in the center of the village of KaLAMBAKA about 0800.  It is a Euro and a 7-K bus ride.  You can also TAXI there or walk .  It is uphill to the Site and a nice return walk, mostly downhill, back to the village (taxi about 5-euro).  SITE-seeing is from 0800 to about 1430.  Bring a lunch as the Monks close for their lunch for an hour around noon.

Since "I think" it is difficult to get the morning bus from IGUMENITSA to IOANNINA, I suggest that you shoot for the 1430.  Therefore you should leave on the 0830 FERRY from CORFU to have a shot at it.

Hope that this helps ...
Calo Taxiedi

PS:If I learn anything different I will send you a 'FOLLOW ON' in a short while.

ALLEXPERTS  is a strickly Volunteer service.  However the volunteers do accept "TIPS" by way of the PAYPAL system of "begging" ... Hope that all travelers will consider this ... Thankyou.  

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QUESTION: Thanks Denny for the detailed info.  However, about the bus from Igoumenitsa to Ioannina, below is the bus schedule which I got from my hotel:

The time table for Saturdays for bus from Igoumenitsa to Ioannina


So did they give me the wrong info?  And according to your advise, if we take the 0830 ferry from Corfu to Igoumenitsa, we still have plenty of time left before we take the 12 noon bus from Igoumenitsa to Ioannina. Therefore, is it better to take the 0930 ferry?  How far is the ferry pier in Igoumenitsa to the bus station to catch the bus to Ioannina?  Where could we buy all these bus tickets and should we buy them in advance...from Igoumenitsa to Ioannina, Ioannina to Trikala?  Do we have enough time to catch the connecting bus?  Please advise.  Many thanks. :)

Yiasou Rita,

Ref their times ... think that they gave you the departure time ... I likely gave you the boarding time of 0900 on Saturday.  1130 (?)  Not sure ... I have noon but you should be there befor that anyhow.  The rest seem to be about 15-min later then mine so they may also be departure times.  Best to get there at least 30-minutes ahead of time so you can buy your tickets and find out about where the bus is located and if there is a line you want to be in the top 20 at least.  It is open seating, first come first served.  Really can't buy tickets
for buses in advance.  Well you can ... but you will still be in no better position for a seat.
THE FRONT OF THE LINE is where you want to be.  TICKET window is inside the station.
There is more then one window in Igoumenitsa as it is a BUSY station with a lot of buses going in several directions ...  The main direction being IOANNINA.  IOANNINA is SUPER busy.

CORFU FERRY: Not totally necessary, but a good idea to buy ticket day prior to leaving.
The ticket agency near where the Ferry to Igoumenitsa will be is IONIAN TRAVEL. (It is on Eth.Antistasseos #1)  Telephone # is 26610-80444.  I do not really think they will be able to sell you a BUS ticket, but you can try.  More then likely they will sell you the Ferry ticket for about 9-euro (students halfprice), and you will buy your bus ticket at BUS STATION in Igoumenitsa.

At the bus station Tell the ticket seller "TRIKALA".  See if he will sell you a ticket all the way thru. He likely will tell you that you must buy your ticket in IOANNINA for Trikala.

Ref FERRY and BUS station ...   The Igoumenitsa port is H U G E !  It has four separate entry points.  The FERRY from CORFU docks at the South port.  That is a good thing.  The BUS STATION is at the corner of APRILOZOU and MINERMOU. From the port, walk South along the waterfront.
Take a left at MINERMOU.  Go one more block.  [about 3-blocks altogether].  Short
5-minute walk.

Didn't realize you were coming on a Saturday ... Since the first bus is at 0900 I would say that you should try to catch it which means if you can, get the 0730 Ferry out of Corfu.
WHY you ask ?  Well, it will be mid-June and you will not be the only ones trying to catch that 65-passenger BUS.  It might be a good idea to be able to have two opportunities rather then just one.  If you got there in time for the 0900 but the BUS was overbooked (it happens) you would be in a far better position to catch the next bus at 11:30 or Noon.  Not saying that would happen but it is a possibility.

Anyhow ... have a great adventure ...
don't be in a hurry
Calo taxiedi


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