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QUESTION: Dear Denny!

I m planning to take a flight to Kalamata in order to get to Elafonisos Island on a sunday.
The bus company in Kalamata told me that there is a bus from Kalamata to Sparta on sundays at 14:30 o clock. They also told me there should be a bus from Sparta directly to the Island Elafonisos (with a ferry i guess). But since I dont get any detailed information on that, I would like to ask you, if there is a time schedule for those busses from Sparta to Elafonisos, and if there its not better to take a bus to Neapolis and then take a taxi to Elafonisos?

Best Regards


ANSWER: Yiasou Viktor ... Thanks for the question,  (PS: see bottom for an add on)

Kalamata to Sparta is about an hour trip.  Buses run up to six times a day between the
hours 0700 and 2000.

From SPARTA there are 4-buses a day that go to NEAPOLIS. It is a 3-hour trip.
Buses leave for NEAPOLIS at 0700, 1030, 1430, 1930.   Cost is roughly 17-euro.

From NEAPOLIS make your way to the nearby seaside village of VIGLAFIA.
(walk or taxi not far, perhaps 3-kilometres)

From VIGLAFIA you take a ferry across to ELIFONISIA.  It is a 10-minute Ferry ride.
Costs 1-euro ... if you take a car it will be 8-euro.  This Ferry shuttles back and forth
from morning til well past dark.  Sometimes as late as midnite.

Numbers you may wish to call for information:  
SPARTA: 27310-26441 [Bus station], 27310-26771 (tourist office: German/English/Italian spoken)

When you get to SPARTA ... tell the bus station ticket seller you would like to get a ticket to
ELIFONISA if possible.  The 1430 bus might drop you off at the port of VIGLAFIA so you do not have to go thru Neapolis.

Best I can do from long range Viktor.
Have a great trip ...
Calo Taxiedi

PS:  IF U encounter any problems in Kalamata IE: Bus to SPARTA NO seats etc...
There is another way ... take the BUS to GYTHION (45 min) and then FERRY to KYTHERA and then
Ferry to Neapolis and catch the shuttle to Elifonisa.  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very much, Denny!!!!

What a big help!!!!!!

I guess the bus/ferry station is easy to reach by taxi from the airport...

Best wishes


Yiasou Viktor,

Well, I've seen easier.

TAXI's are plentiful.  The distance from the Airport to the BUS station
(Messinia Station)is roughly 16-kliks on hi-way 82, from just west of the city.
There is a BUS STOP right outside of the Air Terminal that takes people into the city.
= you will want to ask at the info desk about this method of transport as it will be far cheaper then the TAXI , which will cost probably 15-euro...but, if you split the fare with someone else going your will be better to take the TAXI =

For updated information on Kalamata - Sparta, the bus station number is 27210-28581.
OH .. forgot ... your bus to SPARTA will be stopping on the way at ARTEMESIA.
Think there is a 2-euro charge and may be a change of bus as well.

Kalamata to SPARTA may look like an easy ride ... well it is picturesque I will say
that for it.  Easy, relaxing, walk in the park ???  No, I would not use those words.
Lets just say that hwy 82 is not a straight road.  It goes UP and around and around
and back and forth and then down ... ARTEMESIA is the half way point.

Viktor, will look forward to hearing back from you on how the trip went
so I can pass it on to others who may be going your way at a later time.

Again, good luck
Have a safe exciting adventure
Calo taxied

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