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Hello Emilios, my wife and I would like to hike through the pindos mountains. 2nd and 3rd week of september 2013. We don't mind renting a car for the bigger distances and local transport after a few days hiking from one village to another to get back to our car. We are fit 40+, have some hiking experience ...not so good map readers. Is it doable without a guide ? are there good routedescriptions, signs/ marked reference points along the route ? recommended hikes ? do we need to reserve Thoukididis or hotels in advance ?
thank you in advance !
kind regards

Hello Fred,

Sorry for the delay, but I am out of the office for a few days...!
The best area for hiking is in Drakolimni and the vikos canyon. Definitely is ok to find your way however I would recommend to take a guide.
Why? The reason is not the safety but the fun part... a mountain guide can organize for you a good route, some canyoning (based in your level) and why not some night comping.

I would look some references and I will get back to you.

Welcome to my country



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