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QUESTION: I am travelling to the village of Ancient Epidavros in October. I have a lift to Anc.Epidavros from Athens but I will be returning on the 21st to Athens and will need to use public transport. Is there a bus direct to Athens Int Airport from Anc. Epidavros or alternatively can I get a bus to Corinth and get another bus or train from there to the airport. My flight is not until after 18.00 hrs but obviously need to check-in etc. so would like to arrive in good time (16.00 hrs)

Can you help please? Many thanks, gary

ANSWER: Yiasou Gary, thanks for the question,

OK here's the list ...

EPIDAVROS:  Return to ATHENS ... Noon and 1630, 2 hours 30 minutes,  cost 12'50 euro.
(Open seating)

EPIDAVROS: Return to Nafplio ... Noon, 1300, 1545, 1800, 35-min, Cost: 3:50 Euro.

NAFPLIO: to Athens ... Hourly ... last bus leaves at 2000.  Cost: 12 about 12-euro.

ATHENS BUS STATION: add one hour to the AIRPORT.  (Bus 45 min, wait time 15-min).

Calo taxiedi

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Denny.

So just to confirm, I can get the bus from the village of Ancient Epidavros (not to be confused with the archaeological site)all the way to the bus station in Athens where I can change and get a bus to the airport. Is that correct?

Many thanks,Efharistó.................... thanks, gary

Hello again Gary,  = follow up =  

The BUSES to Athens & NAFPLIO leave from the main site ... the "THEATER" .

Nothing I can find anywhere says that there is a stop in the village.

(Also...there is apparently NO bus to Corinth from Epidavros.)

Good luck and have  a great trip



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