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Hi Roger,
We are planning a 6 day tour of the Peloponnese in Jun/Jul 2014.
We are hoping to rent a car from Athens Airport and travel to Korinthos or rent from Korinthos and stay the night. My only hesitation in renting from the airport is: being from Australia we have right hand drive, so driving on the busy Greek roads makes me a little nervous until I get the hang of left hand drive. What do you suggest?
We are planning to travel from Korinthos to head towards Patra and go along the coast from there to Monemvasia and then return to Athens.
Can you advise sites to see along the way.
Also do you think that we can do the trip in 6 days?
Any help will be appreciated.


I loved my first driving trip to the Peloponnese.

I am originally from grew up (for a while) driving on the left of the road as well.
I have had so many trips driving right hand drive cars on the right in Europe and rented and owned cards which are left hand drive both in the USA and I am well trained!!

It's hard to know how each person will take to having to change gear with the opposite hand to the one they are used to. But generally I don't think it's so difficult.

My preference would be to rent the car at the airport. You do not have to go through Athens itself from the airport and can stay on main roads/freeway or motorways (which you pay a toll on) most of the way to Corinth. But there is traffic on some of this stretch, depending on the time of day. So if you really feel nervous about it, then your idea of getting to Corinth then renting a car may be calmer for you. Hard for me to judge.

You would very likely enjoy adding Nafplion (Nafplio) to your route...even staying there one night, it's a beautiful town with many historic and attractive buildings. Depending on your interests you could also visit Ancient Olympia. If not, or if you don't mind scenic coastal road driving, the the west coast south of Kalamata - passing through Kardamyli (also pleasing place to stay), Areopoli and on to Gerolimenas...then back round and north again via Githio.

If it is still there the guide (I wrote originally!) at to the Peloponnese is brief, helpful and mentions all these places.

Let me know if you need anything else?

Have a splendid trip,
Happy Travels,


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