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Greece/taxi from Kalabaka to Igoumenitsa


Hi Denny,

My daughter is currently studying in Athens for the spring semester. I am coming to visit her in May. We are planning to visit Mykonos, fly back to Athens and then take the overnight train to Kalabaka to explore the monasteries in Meteora for a couple of days before heading to Corfu. I realize we can take a bus to Igoumenitsa but that appears to be an entire day's travel. Is it possible to take a taxi? Would that shorten the trip? How much do you think a taxi would cost for the two of us? Or would it be better to rent a car in Athens, drive to Kalabaka and over to Igoumenitsa instead? I would have to leave the rental car in Igoumenitsa. If you have any advice or would like to point me in the right direction, I would be most grateful! The planning stage is quite overwhelming! :)
Susie from Minnesota

Yiasou Susie,   Thanks for the question,

Well, I can understand why you would not want to bus it from KALAMBAKA to IGOUMENITSA.
With the wait time at point 'A' and then Trikala and Ioannina, prior to getting to point - 'B' (IGOU), it can take most of the day.

If you are into driving you can rent a car in Trikala for about $60(45Eu) a day for a car with automatic transmission (less for a stick shift) and then drop the car off in the immediate area of the IGOU port.  That drive would take you approximately 5 hours and a tank of gas.

There are TAXI's available but the cost I am sure would be too toooo much.  I am at the moment trying to contact a reliable TAXI service in Athens (George).  to get a ballpark price.
However, I thought, you can do that directly and also read up on Taxi fares in Greece.
So here is a very good site for you to check out ...

This is the site of Matt Barrett (Greek/American).   Just scroll down to the part on TAXI's
 (and/or all the other interesting info he has for you -- IE: Train/bus/air/ferry service etc) and check it out.  The TAXI area will give you access to the site of GEORGE.

On CAR RENTALS ... I have found AVIS and HERTZ 800 numbers to be reliable and very competitive in the past.   Just ask their operator for "International" service.  You can then rent the car over the phone and the approximate date.  Don't need to pay and can cancel later if you need to.  You usually get a break on the price if you rent for 3 days or more opposed to the ONE day rate.

one other thing ... I did consider the mention you made of DRIVING (Athens-Kalambaka) ...The
Over night train idea sounds better.  Matt Barretts site will give you info on times of train departures out of Athens.  

IF you can rent a car and drive from the airport with several hours of daylight it will certainly give you mobility and cost far less then the Taxi idea.  However, driving at night vs taking the train ... Not a good idea!

You'll love Mykonos ... if you have an over night to spare, take the  FAST boat to Santorini
as long as you have come that far.

If I hear something back from George I will let you know what he has to say.

Hope this helps,
Have a great trip.
Calo Taxiedi


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