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My husband has a 1 week meeting in Crete and I will accompany him.  What do you suggest I do and see on crete while he is working.  Also, if we want to add on another week of vacation to our trip and see some other islands or areas of greece, (not athens, we've been there) where and what might you suggest we go?


Hello and I am truly sorry to be sooooo long in answering. I was traveling, but that's no excuse, just an explanation.

As I lived in Crete for 9 years and created - website and company is now onwed and run by the supremely capable and caring Yiannis, I seriously think it best to refer you there, to the website much of which I wrote, for information.

If you need any more information than that or a personal idea of how some things may appeal to ypu , feel free to send me a follow-up message.

For a further week I would suggest either 1). Santorini for 3 nights and then to Athens by ferry via almost any of the Aegean islands (Ios is unique and the tiniest) - or 2). instead go to the Peloponnese on a slightly less reliable (there can be the occasional ferry sailing delay)but more adventurous route, the ferry from Kissamos in Crete to Kythira, then on to Githio in the Peloponnese. From there - rent a car which can be returned in Athens, and visit the places shown (yes I was involved in writing this, well wrote almost all!) on in the  section on the Peloponnese [ Principally - Gerolimenas, Monemvasia, Nafplio ]

This is a slightly messy answer....but I wanted to give you, or point you towards more useful information and I hope more interesting ideas than you will usually receive from mainstream travel sources!

Happy travels and have a great trip,


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