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Greece/Zagori : minimarkets, groceries ?


Hello Emilios

We'll be hiking around the Zagori next july on our own. The classical tour : Papigo, Astraka refuge, Tsepelovo, Vradeto, Kapesovo, Koukouli, Kipi, Vitsa, Monodendri, Papigo. Five days.
Are there still some "magazhe" in the villages ? Or do we have to rely on "taverna" for our food ?

By the way, what are the local specialities not to be missed (including the sweets :-)?
This also concern Ioannina and Kalambaka/Kastraki.

thank you so much.


Hello Jenny,

Unfortunately there are no super markets with big variety of goods in the area of Zagori. The nearest city is that of Konitsa where you can buy supplies. There are two bakery stores, one on Tsepelovo and one in Kipi.

In the village aspraggeloi there was a store of traditional goods called the Super Market of the Mountains. I am not sure that it still open. Their e-mail  (I tried to call but no answer. )

Local specialties in Zagori… everything there are cooked in a traditional way so everything is a local specialty!

Local traditional goods are feta, yogurt,  fresh butter and a type of butter milk called “ksinogalo” (mean sour milk )

Also Zagori is famus for the traditional pies made with flour eggs and cheese “kasopita”
Don’t forget to buy mountain herbs like mint, oregano and mountain tea.

Last but not least the honey produced in the mountain is always a quality product.

Have a nice stay in Zagori.

PS I am sorry for the delay in answering your question but I was travelling on business trip and I didn’t have any spare time. As volunteers in this project, there are times that we need to define our priorities based on our professional and not on our interests.  


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