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Greece/Thessaloniki to Athens


What is the best way to get from Thessaloniki to Athens; bus, train or private taxi? What would the approximate cost of each be?



Hello Pat,

I will tell you all your options and you can decide what suits you better..
Bus. It takes 6hours to go to Athens and the cost is 43€. It makes one small stop.  There are frequent  buses every day and it leaves you in the city center.

Routes in the following link.

Train. It takes about 5 hours to go to your destination and is more relaxing than the bus. It leaves you in the city center. There is also the possibility to travel at night and to wake up in Athens (But it is not very clean…). The ticket cost varies from 19€ to 55€.

Routes in the following link.

Private taxi. It takes about 5 hours to go to your destination, you can make as many stops as you like and it takes you to wherever you like!. The cost should be agreed between you and the taxi service. You can estimate about 500€.

There are many companies limo-taxi that can make this route.

Airplane. If you don’t afraid of airplanes, then you can also use it. Ryanair, Ellinair and sometimes Aegean, air companies make this trip daily and safely. The cost starts from 19€. The airport is outside Athens (The bus cost 5€ and the subway 10€) to go to the city center.

Hope I helped.


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