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Greece/Bus from Gerakini to Thessaloniki


Im supposed to live in Gerakini for the summer and I was wondering what are my options to move around? I am specially interested in going to Thessaloniki by bus,but all i found were some old timetables.

Can you tell me which buses to take?
And it would be perfect if you had a timetable too.

Thanks in advance!
Aleksandra :)

ANSWER: Hello Aleksandra

The Bus company that make the routes in Greece is called KTEL. So, while in Halkidiki, you are going to use the KTEL of Halkidiki in order to travel to Thessaloniki

The time table of the bus:

The duration is about 1 hour (or more) and the ticket cost 7,50.

Welcome to Halkidiki.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very much!

Yes i found this timetable already but I just cant believe it that the last bus from Thessaloniki is at 5:30 pm??
I was thinking if there is some other option like taking the bus to Nea Moudania and if maybe from there exists some other line to Gerakini? Or some other combination...

Hi Aleksandra,

Unfortunately, I don't see any other combination.As you can check in your time table the bus to Gerakini is the same bus on the line Thessaloniki-Moudania-Nikiti-Marmaras, that stops to Gerakini.

Of course during summer there will be more buses for that destination since it is a highly turistic place. So check again the time table during May or June.

Finaly there is always the option of taxi. You can travel to Nea Moudania by bus and then take a taxi to Gerakini. The cost will be around 15-20

Take care.  


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