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Greece/Zakynthos to Kalambaka


Dear Emilios,

Hi. I'm planning to visit Greece in this September and would like to clarify a few points;

1. What is the quickest way from Zakynthos to Kalambaka?
  Via Lamia, or via Patras and Trikala?

2. I'm planning to move from Zakynthos to Kalambaka on Saturday on September. Is that possible (in terms of bus schedule)?
If not, I can change the date to Friday.

It is hard for me to find a specific bus schedule online, so your kind advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Konbawa Fumi
I am on vacation and i am answering from my mobile... So please excuse my english!!!

I think is better to travel via Patra. From Lamia is a bit difficult to go to Trikala (and then kalampaka).

From Zakyntnhos go to kylini. bus time schedule:

From patra take the bus to Trikala (unfortunatelly there are buses on Monday Friday and Sunday). Bus time schedule:
Ticket costs 33E.

From Trikala you can easyly go to Kalampaka. Bus schedule:

Feel free to ask any question about your trip, I would be happy to help!



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