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Hi corax... Im manny from india. Just confused which one will be the accurate translation of NEVER GIVE UP in Ancient greek. Can you please help???? Thanx a lot!!! :)

μήποτε  ὕπεικε
μήποτε  ἀναχώρει
μήποτε  ἀναχώρησον
μήποτ' αὐτομόλε
μήποτε ἀφίει

Hello, Manny.

If you check my profile, you'll see that Ancient Greek is specifically not one of my areas of expertise; however, I'll do my best to answer.

First of all, "never give up" is not a recognised phrase or quotation from Ancient Greek, unlike, say, the famous Spartan admonition "εί ταν ει επί τας" ("i tani epi tas"), which means "either (come back from battle) with your shield, or on top of it" (i.e. dead).

Secondly, there is no ancient (or indeed modern) Greek equivalent for the colloquial English expression "to give up", so I shall assume you are using in it the sense of "retreat". In that case, you could translate the phrase as "μήποτε υποχώρει" ("mipote ypoxori"). "Μήποτε" (on no account) is sometimes spelt as two words: "μη ποτέ".

I hope this helps.



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