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Michael Barkas

Hey, I am not sure can you answer greek mythology but I will press my luck anyways.

I was just doing some brief reading on Greek Mythology and there are a couple of questions I would like to know further:

1. I read somewhere that the Olympians were created either to those who defeated the Titans or to those who had participated in the battle with Titans. But after reading and reading the only Olympians who actually fought against the Titans are Zeus and Poseidon, and maybe to an extend Hades as well.

2. At first I thought Persephone never liked Hades but as there are more stories revolving around Persephone, it seems like Persephone is starting to like Hades. Is that true?

3. Why did Perseus killed Ariadne?

Hope you can answer these questions and thank you in advance

Hi Jeffrey,

thank you for your questions, but I am afraid these are outside my expertise field. I could search for these details but it will take me a lot of time.
As far as your third question, I remember that there are several versions/traditions of it. In the most common ones Ariadne doesn't actually die. In another one she becomes petrified by Medusa's stare (head) in Perseus' hand, while the last was fighting against Dionysos and Ariadne. More than that I cannot offer.

You might want to search for other experts on this topic. Good luck.



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