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QUESTION: Hi, I can manage to translate this text into modern greek. However, the author requires a translation in ancient greek. Can you oblige please? The original text is in Spanish.

Oh, dear friend, seeing you once again pleases us.
Tonight will be triumphal!
Let us see you, love you, protect you.
Here we are, here we stay
With high esteem we approach
To protect you is our duty
Provide desire it and are grateful.
In your old body persists the ilusion.
Do not lose it with more temptation.
You are our best continuation.
Earth like death you are...
To protect you then is our duty.
Now you see!
For you and through you, in high esteem we approach.
To tell you the truth...we expect nothing more than humble acceptance.
Seize the moment in which you have to be.
We shall only speak the truth.
Only...the exact truth.

ANSWER: Hi Keith,
thank you for your question. I usually translate 1-2 phrases or sentences, but for such a big text I need much time; which means that I cannot offer it for free. I could do the translation of the first 2-3 verses for you, but I'd appreciate a token of gratitude to do the whole job. Apologies for this. Time is precious nowadays! Please, let me know how should I proceed. Thank you.


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QUESTION: Hi Michael,
When you say a token of gratitude, what amount have you in mind? The whole text for translation is about 4 times the length of the text I sent you. So I need a figure for the whole text please.

Hi again Keith,

I received today 21 Euros in my Paypal account. Thank you for this. I will shortly send you the translation of the so-far submitted text. As I already told you, I've estimated my time, to 12 euros per passage of that length; I need to spend several hours for this, so I'd appreciate the corresponding compensation. Thank you for your consideration.



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