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I was wondering if you could translate "Wolfe" into Greek for me, i know that the "E" isn't common, but if you could help with lettering or something very close to it. I was told this "ΥΟΛΦΕ" by a friend, but I wanted to get an experts opinion. Thank you for your time.

Hi Kyle,

do you mean the Greek version of the name or a transliteration of it? These are two different things:

1) The Greek word for "wolf" is lykos (λύκος) and as a name in Greek is used only in the story with the little red-cap. It exists also in ancient Greek names as a compound (Lycophron, Lycaon) but the luk- stem extends to the meaning of "light".

2) If you want a transliteration of the word, so that you hear the same name with Greek characters then I'd recommend: ΓΟΥΛΦ (Γουλφ). Since the "e" is silent - as it is a variant spelling of wolf, anyway - there is no need to keep it, because Greek doesn't omit any letters in pronunciation.

Let me know if you need something else. Good luck and have a happy new year!



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