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Hello Michael Barkas,

As a fan of Greek culture (though in no way educated in the ancient nor modern Greek language, as of yet atleast) I have decided to let my love for the (ancient) Greek culture, the love for my personal surroundings, a psychological aspect of myself (nostalgic/ looking back type of person) and the fact my soon to be wife is 50% Greek collide in an idea to get myself a tattoo. I have actually asked this question to another expert, who decided not to answer my question due to this person's opinion on tattooing, which I respect. I do however in no way want to degrade the Greek language, I'd actually like to honor it. I hope you understand this is not a simple ''it looks cool tattoo''. I will try to explain this further with the actual words I would like to use.  

These are the words I would like to tattoo, and some translations I already searched for but don't feel comfortable enough with to get tattooed just yet, without an expert opinion that is:

οἶκος = family

φίλος = friend (I'd prefer 'friends', but can't seem to find it anywhere)

φίλη = lover (female)

ἀγάπη ἔρως φιλία στοργή = The four ancient Greek words for love

The family, friends and lover I would like to have on the side of my hip-area, meaning ''they're always on my side'', as for the words for love, simply on my left chest, stating that's what's in my heart to put it bluntly.

If you could tell me if these are correct, or correct them if wrong, I would be very grateful. I am also thinking about getting the words tattooed in capital letters. I was wondering if you could maybe write them in capital aswell, that'd be great. Thanks in advance.



Hi Ben,

thank you for your question. So far everything seems correct to me.
The plural of "friend" is: φίλοι. Well, I don't see anything wrong on the whole thing; I am here to assist anyway ;)

Let me know if you need anything else.
Good luck with those tattoos!



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