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Greek/Meaning of the word "orge"


Do the English words "orgy" and "orgasm" have any connection to the Greek word "orge?" I know "orge"is derived from the idea of an eager reaching out and wonder if the word could be related to these English words. Or to put it another way, are the words orgia and orge derivatives of the same word?


the English words "orgy" and "orgasm" have just a connection to the Greek word "orgé” (Greek, ὀργή , meaning “natural impulse“, ”passion”,”mood”) as well as to the Greek plural noun “orgia” (ὄργια)  meaning “secret rites”  practiced by the initiated in the worship of various deities, such as Demeter at Eleusis and  Orpheus & Dionysus, typically involving frenzied singing, dancing, drinking, and sexual activity.

Both “orgy" (ὀργή) and  “orgasm" (ὀργασμός) as well as the Greek plural term “orgia”( ὄργια, as an ecstatic form of worship characteristic of some mystery cults) derive from the verb “orgáō”( ὀργάω) generally meaning:”I am eager”/ I am  excited” and thus, when referring to  human beings :“I reach the peak of sexual excitement”.

Hope this is clear enough.

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