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QUESTION: Hello, I was wondering all the ways you can spell "immortal" in ancient greek. For example, in capital letters, or if there is a shortened way of spelling it, or a symbol. Thank you

ANSWER: Hello,

ἀθάνατος is the ancient Greek adjective meaning “immortal”.

If you want it to be spelt in capital letters, it is ΑΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ.

As for a shortened way of spelling it or a symbol, there is no shortened  way  nor a symbol.

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QUESTION: Thank you, and one more question: how do you spell out "wisom is power" in capital ancient greek writing? Sorry, but I'm making a presentation and i need this stuff.


“Wisdom is power” translates as ΣΟΦΙΑ ΚΡΑΤΟΣ ΕΣΤΙ in capital ancient Greek writing.
Please note that ΣΟΦΙΑ means “wisdom”, ΚΡΑΤΟΣ means “power” and ΕΣΤΙ corresponds to “is”.

P.S. With reference to the adjective ΑΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ in my previous answer, please note that it means "immortal" used in the nominative singular, i.e. as a subject of a sentence.
Ancient Greek is in fact an inflected language where, differently from English, each noun/adjective changes ending, according to its role in a phrase where it can be subject, direct object, indirect object.


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