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Hello Mr. Barkas. My question is, are there any free Greek to Hebrew dictionaries on the internet, specifically New Testament Koine Greek to either Biblical or modern Hebrew? I`m looking for such a dictionary or dictionaries so that I can find the Hebrew transliterations of the Koine Greek words in the New Testament, so that I can then look for them in the Bible code. Is there such a dictionary or dictionaries available on either the internet and/or in physical, print form either for free and/or for a fee? Thank you.

Hi Bill,

thank you for your question. Unfortunately, I have never heard of such a dictionary. I had a look in the internet, but it doesn't seem to exist. On the other hand, I don't see why Greek should be transliterated into Hebrew to make a dictionary. Well, if such a thing exists, then you should seek information in Hebrew forums and sources, as it is mainly from their side, that it could be useful. I am afraid I cannot offer more on that.

Have a nice Sunday.



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