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Hi, I was wondering if you could translate 'what will be will be' from English to Greek, I've tried many sites but i am getting different answers with the begining. If you could help it would be greatly appreated!! Thank you


I'm not surprised you've been getting different answers. As there is no equivalent saying in Greek, anybody asked to translate "what will be, will be" will have to improvise and try to approximate the original - which means there is no single 'correct' answer. My own best suggestion would be "Ό,τι είναι να γίνει, θα γίνει".

Incidentally, the real original was "Que sera sera", the title of the song which Doris Day sings in the film "The Man Who Knew Too Much"; the title is a mixture of Spanish ('que') and Italian ('sera'). As the song is still well-known in Greece, you will often come across it in print transliterated rather translated: "Κε σερά σερά".



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