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Greek/Thinking Day - 2013


HI!  Our troop is celebrating Greece for Thinking Day and I thought the alphabet for names was wonderful.  However, we are setting up a craft for all of the girls in our service unit (100) and so I would not begin to ask you to translate their names.  So I'm wondering if you could suggest a flower that is the "national" flower, or something that represents Greece other than the flag that we could make as a craft.  I was thinking a bookmark with "Thinking Day 2013" in Greek would be fun.

Thanks so much for any help you can provide!

Hello, Melanie.

Well, Greece does not have a "national flower" as such, but the nearest equivalent might be an olive branch - partly because of its ancient roots and very strong symbolic associations, but also because the olive tree and its fruit has always been such an important part of Greek life and national identity. If you wanted an actual flower, opinion would be much less unanimous; purely personally, I might suggest the wild cyclamen, which appears often in 20th-century Greek poetry.

"Thinking Day 2013" translates easily into Greek as "Ημέρα Σκέψης 2013" - in upper case, "ΗΜΕΡΑ ΣΚΕΨΗΣ 2013".

Good luck with your project; I hope this helps.



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