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I have a phrase or idea that I would like translated into Ancient Greek.  I studied Classics and Ancient Greek and Roman History while in school and have always had a great fondness for the language and history.  My husband and I are decorating our new condo, and I'd like to have a large wall decal made with an Ancient Greek phrase/ideal on it that appeals to us.  I plan on putting it above the entrance to our office/library, as I have a pretty extensive collection of books.  The phrase or the idea that I'm going for is "All Knowledge is Worth Having" or "All Knowledge is Worth Seeking."  I'm not sure how well that idea translates linguistically speaking, but I would really love to have this general idea translated from an expert.  From what little Ancient Greek I know, the translations provided by the online computer generated translators wouldn’t appear to be accurately providing the idea I’m going for.  Thank you so much for looking into this for me!!!

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I really think that “All Knowledge is Worth Having" as well as  "All Knowledge is Worth Seeking” are really appropriate for the entrance to your office/library  and I congratulate you on your collection of books.
So, both “All Knowledge is Worth Having" and "All Knowledge is Worth Seeking” can be  translated as follows:

1)Mάθησις ἀξία ἐστὶ ζητεῖσθαι
2)Mάθησις ἀξία ἐστὶ διώκεσθαι

Read more below.

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Note that:

-All Knowledge = Mάθησις (subject, nominative case, 3rd.declension). Greek omits "all".

-is  = ἐστὶ (from εἰμί, I am)

-Worth = ἀξία (nominative feminine singular of the adjective ἄξιος agreed with μάθησις )

-Having / Seeking = ζητεῖσθαι (present infinitive passive of  ζητέω )/ διώκεσθαι (present infinitive passive of διώκω)  


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