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Greek/Ancient Greek Word for Kill/ Harvest


Hi I am needing a greek phrase for a logo project.
I was doing some research and I need to find the word for the Ancient Greek verb "to kill" which also doubles for "to harvest" from what I understood it was "Theros" but some sources tell me that this is for "summer" or "harvest season". It needs to have both the negative and the positive meaning to symbolize both death and the provision of life. Which is more correct? That or "Therizo"? Which I understand means literally "to reap". Would this be more accurate? I much prefer the ring of "Theros" however because it can be used more as a name/ phrase.
Could you help me with this?
Also what would the translation for "killer" or "reaper"/ "harvestor" be?
Thank you so much for your time.


I am sorry, but in ancient Greek the neuter noun θέρος, transliterated as “théros”, means “summer”, “summerfruits“, “harvest”, “crop”, but NOT in the sense of “death”.

Instead, the verb θερίζω, transliterated as “therízo”, means  “I mow”, “I reap”, but sometimes metaphorically “I mow down”, “I cut off”, as we read e.g. in Aeschylus, Suppliant Women ,637.

As for  the translation for "killer" or "reaper"/ "harvester", please note that "reaper"/ "harvester” translates as  θεριστής, transliterated as “theristés” (nominative case, masculine noun, 2nd.declension), whereas “killer” corresponds to φονεύς, transliterated as “phonéus” (nominative case, masculine noun, 3rd.declension).

To conclude, the only one term that can symbolize both death and the provision of life, as you say, is θερίζω (“therízo”, 1st.person singular, present indicative) properly meaning “I mow”, “I reap” , and  metaphorically “I mow down”, “I cut off”, as we read e.g. in Aeschylus.

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