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Thanks for the answer of previous question. Actually, I am interested in learning greek literature and greek philosophy in the greek language. Which period of greek would you refer me to learn ? Also, from which period of greek language does most of the vocabulary in english comes ? Isn't modern greek the language spoken in Greece? If yes ! From your previous answer, if modern greek doesnot help learning other previous periods of greek language then don't the people of the greek has to learn other periods of greek . I also want to learn about history of greek language not in detail , is there any good free sites other than wikipedia?

If so, then it is obvious that you have to learn classical Greek first. The adopted Greek words come also from the Classical or Koine era. The morphology and transliteration of the Greek words in English is very classical (e.g. treiskaidekaphobia, anabasis, arteriosclerosis), but many times influenced by Latin in ending or even spelling (e.g. poeta-->poet instead of poeetes etc.)

For a Greek individual with basic education Modern Greek is not so far away from Koine (still used by the orthodox church). One can understand the meaning of a hellenistic passage, like those in the New Testament, but not necessarily produce the same or explain what is going on grammatically. It's only the feeling of the meaning. Classical Greek is even farther away and one needs to have studied philology or have really deep language interests in order to understand Plato or Aristotle.

Here is a good blog (also in English) for the Greek Language. You will find further links and bibliography for learning Classical, Medieval or Modern Greek.

But for a starter you actually need a learning method, i.e. a book.
See here:

Goodwin's Grammar would be helpful, but feel free to browse through the numerous out-of-copyright books. You might want to re-define your search to "classical Greek" or whatever.

Good luck! Let me know if I can be of further help.



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