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Hi Maria,

I am looking for the Doric Greek translation, and accompanying pronunciation for the word WARRIOR. I have a general interest in the Spartans and would like to know the word.



actually some days ago I’ve received  the same question from a British questioner who lives in the UK and then you can go to the following link to read my answer:

I can only add that, apart from the noun  πολεμιστής  meaning exactly “warrior”, there is another term that however does not mean only “warrior”, but also  “soldier” in general, and later “mercenary soldier”/”professional soldier” with a bad connotation.

Such a term is  στρατιώτης whose pronunciation is as follows:

στρ is pronounced like the "str" in “strange”

α is pronounced like the “a” in “father”

τ is pronounced like the "t" in “table”

ι is pronounced like the "y" in “yes”

ώ is pronounced like the "oo" in “door”.The accent falls on this vowel.

της is pronounced  like the "tes"  in the English noun “tessera” or in the verb “tessellate”.

In short, στρατιώτης  is pronounced like “stratiòtes” , according to what I’ve said above.

Lastly, note that in ancient Sparta only the Spartiates (Greek: Σπαρτιάται ="Spartans") , i.e. the Spartan elite/ the Spartan men were expected to prepare constantly for military conflict, and then in Sparta the term σπαρτιάτης (nominative singular meaning "Spartan") was equivalent to “warrior”, though it meant simply “Spartan”, not "warrior".

Hope this can be helpful to you.Feel free however to ask me again.

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