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Hello Michael,

I tried doing my own research but it's not easy using Google alone xD.

I was looking for 3-4 words for each of these categories and I was wondering if you could help me.

1. nouns ending with -is (ις), like iris, or eris.
2. verbs ending with -io (-ιω) (I'm not sure if there are any)
3. words with the word lithos. I'm only aware of the word monolith/monolithos.

Any help or guidance will be appreciated :)

Hi Chris,

thank you for your question. Sure I can provide you with some words of the requested type; Allow me to present more words so that you can get a better overview of the morphology:

1. ὕβρις, τίσις, θέσις, ῥίψις, ὄψις, πίστις, πόλις, λέξις, φθίσις, σμύρις, ἕλξις, φράσις, τάσις, ὄφις, ἄρσις | ἀσπίς, πατρίς, ἐλπίς, συνωρίς, παλλακίς, ἴς, ῥίς, κίς, λίς

2. These verbs have lost the ζ between ι and ω (ίζω): μνίω, δηρίω, κυλίω, μηνίω, ἀλίω, ἰδίω, κονίω, μαστίω | These ones are of purer ending: ἐσθίω, ψίω, κτίω, πίω, τίω, ἀτίω, ἀΐω, κίω/κικίω

3. There are several compound nouns/adj. with lithos as first or second compound:

-as 1st compound: λιθοβόλος, λιθοβολῶ, λιθοβολία, λιθοβόλησις, λιθόβλητος, λιθόγληνος, λιθογλύπτης, λιθογλυφής, λιθογλυφία, λιθογνώμων, λιθογόνος, λιθόδενδρον, λιθοδερκής, λιθόδερμος, λιθόδμητος, λιθοειδής, λιθοεργός, λιθοθεσία, λιθοκοπία, λιθοκάρδιος, λιθοκέφαλος, λιθοκόπος, λιθοκτονία, λιθολάβος, λιθολογῶ, λιθομανής, λιθοξόος, λιθοξοεῖον, λιθοποιός, λιθοπρίστης, λιθοσπαδής, λιθοστεγής, λιθοτόμος, λιθοτομεῖον, λιθοτομῶ, λιθουλκῶ, λιθόπλαξ, λιθουργεῖον, λιθοφόρος, λιθόχρους, λιθόψωκτος, λιθωμότης...

-as 2nd compound: τηκόλιθος, αὐτολίθος, χρυσόλιθος, κουφόλιθος, ἀργυρόλιθος, εὔλιθος, ἄλιθος, τρίλιθον, πολύλιθος, διάλιθος, ἐπίλιθος, κατάλιθος, σύλλιθος, συλλιθῶ, καταλιθάζω, παραλιθάζω, ἀπολιθοῦμαι, ἀπολίθωσις, ἀπολιθοποιῶ, ὑγρόλιθος, ὑπόλιθος, μολυβδόλιθος,

-as a more-compound-word: χρυσολευκόλιθος, καταλιθοβολῶ, προλιθοπεδεύω

Let me know if you need anything else. Always glad to assist. Have a good Sunday.



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