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Hi there Michael,

I was hoping you'd be able to help me out with a translation. I was hoping to get Tyrtaeus' famous quote "You should reach the limits of virtue, before you cross the border of death." translated to it's original script in Doric Greek. A beautiful language, with infinite quotes however I am unable to find any in their original script.

Thank you very much,

Happy New Year, Antonius!

Thank you for your question. Well, Doric is considered a dialect, not a language. Along with Attic and Ionic they constitute the most important Greek dialects. The original verses that contain what you sent me are the following:

ταύτης νῦν τις ἀνὴρ ἀρετῆς εἰς ἄκρον ἱκέσθαι
πειράσθω θυμῶι μὴ μεθιεὶς πολέμου.
πρὶν ἀρετῆς πελάσαι τέρμασιν ἢ θανάτου.

meaning literally:

"This virtue should every man struggle to achieve
without fleeing from the battle.
Before he crosses the border of virtue or death."

Good luck with that and have a nice weekend.


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