I can understand how Attic Greek works but remembering all the endings and infixes and so on are difficut. Give me some of your wisdom!
What should you do when you study? Is there a great way to learn the grammar?

ANSWER: Hello,

I really understand that you have problems with ancient Greek which is a very difficult language because of its three declensions, five cases, three accents, two breathings ( rough/ smooth breathing), conjugations and so many irregular verbs with their stems, as inflection is shown by the addition of endings to the stem (strong stem/weak stem) which however  can also have a quantitative vowel gradation, etc.

But there is no other way for you  to learn ancient Greek grammar than to apply and devote  yourself to study consistently, in order to have a consistent improvement in your learning.

In short, Iím afraid I cannot suggest any other way to learn ancient Greek than a long and passionate study.

Hope you can do it.

Best wishes,

See Herbert Weir Smyth, A Greek Grammar for Colleges, at the following link:  

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QUESTION: The only technique is just doin it, just forcing yourself to learn it?
Is that what you're saying?


it is so: there is no other way to learn ancient Greek than a long and passionate study that should be associated with  a good memory.

Also, it would need to have a good teacher who may be able to explain how ancient Greek grammar works so that you can easily understand and then remember all the endings of declensions, conjugations and irregular verbs with their stems that determine the formation of mood and tenses.

Hope I made myself clear.

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