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Greek/Unknown religious word or abbreviation?


Quantum Theology
Quantum Theology  
Hello, and thank you for being willing to answer questions. This icon, from an old computer game, represents a fictional sociocultural discipline or school of thought from the far future, one referred to as "Quantum Theology."

I can make out design themes of the Eye in the Pyramid, microcircuitry, a representation of what may be the Refiner's Fire, and what appear to be four Greek letters. These letters, somewhat appear to read phi lambda pi beta, but if that is true, I have no idea what they mean. In college, I studied various Asian cultures, but did not learn much about Greek.

Can you perhaps help me understand the meaning? The small size of the icon is very regrettable, but that was the size at which it appeared on the game screen itself, and therefore -- as much as it may anger me -- no larger size is available. Thank you very much for your time and attention.

Hi Julian,

thank you for dropping by. You have well recognised the Greek letters, but for their deeper meaning with regard to that fictional society I suggest you ask either someone from natural sciences (e.g. astrophysicist) or ideally a cryptologist or even a quantum philosopher. I believe that the letters have a numeric importance, such as the π of the circle or the φ of the golden ratio, rather than a verbal one. For, if it is so, this school of thought from the far future might be based on thoughts of universal/cosmic standards that hold this world and our lives in balance.

So, try those options for your riddle. Have a good day!



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