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Greek/"out this door nothing" in Doric Greek


My wife is doing a wood burning as a Christmas gift for a good friend and this phrase was in a book I read that I think would be perfect on the wood burning. The problem is the phrase was from the Spartan culture but was in English in the book. Can you possibly translate this into ancient Greek for me?

(I have found out from Maria that this is not a true quote but rather from a book, I would still like it translated into Ancient Greek for the gift)

Thank you

Hi Cory,

sure I can send you a version of this phrase. I'd translate it like that:

θύραζε οὐδέν ἐστι or ΘΥΡΑΖΕ ΟΥΔΕΝ ΕΣΤΙ

Feel free to choose between lower- and UPPERcase.
By the way, θύραζε means out, outside, outwards and οὐδέν ἐστι is a phrase for nothing exists, there is nothing etc.

Hope this helps a bit. Have a nice evening.



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