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Kale Mera,

 I My question is about the Icon that belonged to my popouli. He died in 1955, aged 88 and  possessed this icon as long  as he lived I believed. Can it be  dated, or identified in any detail beyond what is seen? If you suggest additional assistance, where, please, might I search?  I hope that my upload is correctly done and comes through to you!

         Efharisto, Ioannis

Hello John,

thank you for dropping by. Weill, if you believe that the icon could be really old and of value, you may consider having a small paint-sample analysed in order to date the pigment. It is the element lead-210 (Pb) that is usually contained in it and enables laboratories with the appropriate equipment to determine the age of the pigment. Other than that, I am not an expert in identifying styles, although my instinct would suggest that it could have been painted by a hand of some Slavic tradition (e.g. Russian Orthodox Church) as this one doesn't really look like the Greek Orthodox tradition's style.

I am afraid I cannot offer more than that, but I am sure you will find a byzanti(n)ologist and get some more information.

Wishing you good luck with that!



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