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Greek/Origins/Meaning of Pantzikis surname


Hi Michael,

I am trying to find out the origins of the Pantzikis surname. All I know about my Ancestors is that they were from Phocaea (or Phokaia) in Asia Minor. I believe they may have been originally from Fokida or Phocis on mainland Greece but not sure.

I have found that the suffix of -"ikis" is from Thessalia which is quite a distance from Asia Minor, so not sure if that is accurate, and that the "tzi" part may mean 'worker' during the Ottoman period. Would really like to know what the surname means and how old it may be. Hope you can help.


Hi Chris,

unfortunately I have never come across this surname. I had a look at some possible words from Turkish, but couldn't find anything convincing. I am afraid I cannot help you on this. Concerning the suffix, I would suggest that the word is divided like this: Pant-zik-is. The -zik- part matches a lot the Turkish diminutive -Áık/-cık and then the Greek ending -is is added. But for the Pant- prefix I am not sure where it shall derive from. It looks quite hidden to me. If I come up with anything during the following days, I will let you know.

Thank you for your question and have a nice day.



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