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Greek/Greek surname?


Dear Michael,
I hail from Malta. We have a lot of surnames of Greek origin here.
Somebody told me that the surname APAP is also Greek. Does the word apapy/apapis occur in Classical/Modern Greek? If so, what does it mean.
Thanks in advance

Hi Mario,

thank you for your inquiry. I believe that the surnames have decayed quite much in the passing of the years and I cannot tell what the primary version could have been. There is, though, a word such as "apape" (ἀπάπη), which is a kind of plant (maybe flower), but I cannot claim whether there is a definite connection between the two words. This is the only thing I can offer, as it is a quite special topic that has to do with the diachrony of names, a field of expertise that I have not occupied myself with.

You might want to try more experts and combine the responses. I wish you a good evening and good luck with your search.



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