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Hi Michael, I am trying to help a friend trace his father.  He and I are both adopted and have found out we have greek relatives.  His birth records state that his father was called Markellous Kentomathis (which we believe is written phonetically).  I know its a long shot but have you any ideas on what this might be if spelt correctly?  He was from the island Chios and was a sailor.  Also if I was trying to trace my grandfather are there greek birth/death records accessible via web.  Thank you for you help.

Hi Jayne,

I tried several possibilities, but I didn't get any results. It looks like it is not very correctly spelt; or maybe it is a rare surname. My suggestion for it would be Κεντομάτης/ΚΕΝΤΟΜΑΤΗΣ, just in case you'd like to give it as a further reference for research, but I am afraid I cannot offer more than that due to lack of precise material.

Concerning the death records, I tried to look for some in Chios, but I also didn't get any results. There are very few local archives from other towns, but they are not publicly open. I wish I could be of more assistance; other than that good luck with your research.



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